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Mambara.com: User Agreement.

Mambara.com: User Agreement.

User Agreement.

mambara terms And conditions of use.

Welcome to the mambara website! Thank you for using our site. By using our site (the "service"), you confirm that you have read and agree to comply with these terms and conditions of the User Agreement. Please read them carefully.
the Terms "mambara", "site", "Company", "we", "us", "us", "our" refer to the company NOVOPORT LLC, INN / KPP 7706651247 / 771801001, OGRN 5077746310120, which provides its services directly through this site or indirectly through any of our partners.
Mambara - an integrated administrative and hardware-software complex that contains information that is accessible to an indefinite number of persons and allows any person to access such information online from any place and at any time of their own choice by means of a computer and / or other electronic device, including a portable device (mobile phones for cellular communication networks or other wireless communication networks, etc.) using any technologies, standards and protocols.
Mambara receives, processes, stores, and provides information, related to the description of all types of real estate provided for rent (hiring) for temporary stay / residence, including prices, and provides a service for selecting information according to the specified search criteria.

1. Definitions

The following definitions have the same meaning in both singular and plural.
1.1 "Site" is an Internet site www.mambara.com, which is an integrated set of Internet pages and is hosted on the Internet on a domain name mambara.com, as well as mirrors associated with this name.
1.2 "User" means a person who uses any of the features and services of the mambara site.
1.3 " Unregistered user" - this is any User who did not pass the registration procedure in mambara on their own initiative and who did not use a personal username and password to log in to mambara.
1.4 "Registered user" means any user who has completed the registration procedure in mambara on their own initiative and uses their personal username and password when entering the Site to get additional mambara features. A registered user can be any User who has reached the age from which he can enter into a legally binding contract with mambara and has the necessary authority.
1.4.1 "Author" means a registered user who has posted content in mambara, who by this action guarantees his copyright to the posted content.
1.5 "Materials" - text, audio, video and other (multimedia) materials (including audiovisual works) uploaded (posted) by the User directly to mambara.
1.6 " Information" - graphic and text Materials (including userpics, comments, texts, etc.) uploaded (posted) by the User in mambara.
1.7 "Content" means any set of Materials and / or Information.
1.8 "Guest", "Traveler", "Traveler" - both collectively and individually means that this is a User who uses mambara to search for content about a temporary place of accommodation / accommodation according to the specified criteria. The purpose of the Guest is to find the appropriate place for accommodation / accommodation to make a reservation directly with the owner of this property without intermediaries.
1.9 "accommodation Facility" means the owner (or his authorized person) of any type of property of a collective or individual accommodation facility (including, but not limited to, Hotel, Motel, Hostel, Apartment, Cottage, boarding House, Apartment) that has been registered on the site and is a registered User offering its(s) object(s) to Guests for temporary accommodation. The placement tool publishes Content in mambara that is related to the description of the rental property. The purpose of the accommodation Facility is to attract Guests to make direct reservations without intermediaries. In mambara, the accommodation Facility can be referred to by the General term "Hotel".
1.10 "Personal account" - a section of the Site that is available to Registered users when using a username and password to publish their registration data and their Content.

2. Scope and conditions

These Terms and Conditions govern the relationship between mambara and the User. Mambara allows an unlimited number of people to upload, post, store, and view Materials and Information. Using any feature of the Website, the User confirms that they have read, understood and fully agreed (accepted) to these terms and conditions without any changes or deletions, and the User undertakes to use the Website in accordance with the current legislation of the host country, not to interfere in the process of working mambara (including site mambara.com and its mirrors) and do not attempt to access Materials, Information and functions mambara and/or Site, ways not directly provided by mambara. Mambara (the company and all our partners) provide the site content and services to all Users only for non-commercial use in accordance with these terms and conditions. Commercial use is allowed only for registered users of the accommodation Facilities.

If the User does not agree to the terms of this Agreement, then to terminate the Agreement with respect to it, the User must stop using mambara, including by stopping visiting the Site.

mambara has the right to transmit to the User notifications, messages and other information materials related to the process and methods of using mambara. The user has the right to refuse to receive certain notifications and messages when mambara provides such an opportunity through the settings in the "Personal account" section.

mambara reserves the right, at its sole discretion and without prior notice, to make changes to the Site or to make changes to these Terms and conditions. Registered users will be informed of the changes electronically.

mambara is not a party to any agreements concluded between Users, Guests, or accommodation Facilities, does not control their actions, and fully disclaims any liability in this regard.

Published on the site mambara.com the content is received from the copyright holders or from open sources with the possibility of clicking on the link to the site of the content owner.

No content, in whole or in part, can be copied from the site mambara.com to any information resources, electronic or paper, without specifying a direct active (for electronic resources) link to the site mambara.com.

3. Registration procedure and User account.

3.1 additional services listed by the Company unilaterally (in particular, the possibility of uploading, storing, locating, classifying and retrieving Content), the User must create a Website account (register) by creating a Personal account by filling in the fields in the section "Registration".
3.2 the User can Access his / her account using the user's credentials: email address and password.
3.3 when registering, the User independently specifies a valid email address and selects one of the two possible statuses of the Registered user - accommodation Facility (Hotel) or Guest.
3.4 to complete the registration process (creating an account and Personal account), the User must:
-study and accept the content of the document "User agreement";
- study and accept the content of the document "Consent to the processing of personal data";
- study and accept the content of the document "privacy Policy";
- click the "Create a personal account" button in the Site interface in the registration form or the "book" button in the form of creating a booking request.
This procedure means that the User accepts all these Terms and conditions of the User agreement, Signs consent to the processing of personal data, and accepts the privacy Policy.
Registration is not possible without accepting all the Terms and Conditions. The user acquires the status of a Registered user from the moment of registration and creation of a Personal account.

3.5 Any fact that the User enters the Site with an email address (username) and password is a confirmation of the User's consent to these Terms and conditions in the current version, as well as the User's right to access and use the Site.
3.6 the Link to the Current version Of the terms and conditions of the User agreement is located in the "Personal account" section. The user must regularly monitor any changes to this agreement.
3.7 a Registered user has the right to edit their account.
3.8 the Administration has the right to block or delete the Registered user's account independently and at its discretion in case of violations of this agreement or current legislation.
3.9 The username and email address of the placement Tool can be accessed by other Users.
3.10 the Guest's Username and email address can be accessed by the accommodation Facilities where the Guest has independently submitted booking requests via the mambara service.

4. Providing and hosting User Content.

4.1 Posting Content of an unregistered user
4.1.1 an Unregistered user can only post their Content in the "Reviews" section by publishing the text of their review or opinion about the placement Tool and rating it.
4.2 Posting Registered user Content.
4.2.1 a Registered user can post Content that is available for posting to an Unregistered user, as well as additionally, Registered user can place the following Content under "my account" after logging in mambara in with your username and password: the accommodation - can accommodate:
- the Content associated with the operation of accommodation facilities, description of services, prices, current promotions, provide bonuses, discounts;
- information about direct booking, without intermediaries;
- information on the status of the incoming bookings; User can post information about one or more accommodation facilities using a single account. In the case of publications with multiple accommodation each accommodation receives a unique identification number. Registration of the contract for the provision of paid services is carried out for each published placement Tool individually. One legal entity or individual entrepreneur can enter into several contracts for each placement Facility using a single account. free publication. Users with the Hotel status can publish information about their accommodation Facility for FREE according to the Terms and rates https://www.mambara.com/EN/info/tarifs-rf.htm publishing information of the placement Tool. Free publication of Hotel information is governed by this User agreement and does not require signing a separate contract for the provision of paid services. Paid publication. Users with the Hotel status can publish information about their accommodation Facility on the site for a FEE according to the Terms and rates https://www.mambara.com/EN/info/tarifs-rf.htm only if they have entered into a Contract for the provision of paid services in electronic form in their Personal account mambara.com. guest-can post the following Content:
- information required to fill out the booking request;
- information about the status of the booking request; Any contact information posted by the user must only point to objects belonging to the user. It is not allowed to specify e-mail addresses, postal addresses, phone numbers, pages of sites that do not belong to the user, except for profiles in social networks that belong to the user. It is not allowed to specify the sites of any intermediaries, agents, aggregators, directories, etc., where the user's service is not performed directly.

4.3 the User provides us With content for posting on the terms and conditions set forth in these Terms and Conditions. Content may be removed by us in whole or in part without prior notice to the User. All posted Content must meet the requirements of current legislation.
4.4 User Actions related to publishing Content, including the IP address issued by the User's device, the operation, and the time of the operation, are logged in mambara automatically. The Protocol can be provided to the Supervisory authorities if there is a corresponding request in the following cases, provided by the current legislation.
4.5 Displaying Content on external resources:
4.5.1 the content of the placement Tool can be published on external resources (sites) automatically at the request of the User.
4.5.2 the User's Request is to specify the address of the resource (site) in the 'site Designer' section of the User's Personal account.
4.5.3 The address of the resource (site) for displaying User Content can be: third-level Domain name in the '*zone.mambara.com', where an arbitrary name chosen by the User is specified instead of the '*' sign, if this name has not been specified by other users until then. This domain name, content display formats and styles, and site code belong to MAMBARA. The displayed Content belongs to the User. Domain name of any level in any other zone. Content display formats and styles, the site code belongs to MAMBARA. This domain name and the displayed Content belong to the User. To display the Content, the User independently configures the DNS zones of their domain according to the instructions specified in the 'site Builder' section.
4.5.4 the User is prohibited from publishing any malicious code, as well as any Content (including HTML codes, JAVASCRIPT codes and other codes) that changes the operation of the site or hides elements with the logo or the name of MAMBARA.
4.5.5 All changes in the Personal babinet that are displayed on an external resource are automatically changed on the external resource at the time of changes. No additional requests or activations are required.
4.5.6 third-party Content published on an external resource (including Reviews) is published on the terms of publishing content in MAMBARA.
4.5.7 third-party User data uploaded on an external resource (including booking requests, names, email addresses) is uploaded in accordance with this user agreement.

5. The Responsibility Of The User. Terms of content placement and display. Responsibility of mambara.

5.1 User Responsibility.

5.1.1 the User is fully responsible for any actions taken during the use of his account, and is obliged to ensure the confidentiality of the password that provides access to his account, as well as to take measures to change such a password, in case of any suspicion that the User has violated the privacy policy with respect to the password to his account.
5.1.2 the User is solely responsible for the security (resistance to guessing) of the temporary password chosen by him or not changed, and also independently ensures the confidentiality of his password.
5.1.3 the User is solely responsible for all actions (as well as their consequences) performed within or using the mambara services, including the Site, under the User's account or without it, including cases where the User voluntarily transfers data for accessing the account to third parties on any terms (including under contracts or agreements). All actions in the framework of the Website under a User account considered to be produced by the User, except when the User, in the manner provided in this Agreement, notified the Company about unauthorized access to the Website using his account and/or about any violation (suspicions about violation) confidentiality of your password.
5.1.4 the User is solely responsible for posting Content in mambara and using the Content received in mambara.
5.1.5 Remuneration of the Company for uploaded Materials and / or Information, as well as displaying the information provided is carried out in accordance with paragraph 6 of the Agreement.
5.1.6 a User who has posted (uploaded) Content directly to mambara via the Site or through any third-party automated data upload system, including, but not limited to, such systems as the channel Manager, with which Mambara has the technical ability to interact, from the moment the process of posting (uploading) the relevant Content begins, transfers to the Company, under the terms of a simple (non-exclusive) license, the right to free, gratuitous use of Materials and/or their parts (fragments) by any means, in any form or for any purpose, including by providing wide access to Content and/or their parts (fragments) and bringing the Content and/or their parts (fragments) to the public within mambara, and by posting links to any other websites hosted in the global Internet, thus that any person may obtain access to any site Content from any place and at any time by choice (as opportunity, and without the possibility of storing in the memory of a computer and / or other wireless portable device and / or using search and control techniques, including wireless, or other analog and digital telecommunications and other networks, any communication systems), and also by including the specified Content or any of its parts (fragments) as part of other output Content throughout the world for the duration of the exclusive rights to the Materials without any restrictions on the duration and volume of use. Automated data loading via third-party data sources, hereinafter referred to as the channel Manager, is performed by the placement Tool by providing information about your ID in the channel Manager used in your personal account. Specifying your channel Manager ID in your personal account on the Mambara site means that the placement Tool agrees to automatically upload to Mambara all the placement Data transferred to the Channel Manager and guarantees the accuracy of the uploaded data. Any Content uploaded to Mambara from the channel Manager is the content of the hosting Tool. the placement Tool is fully responsible for the accuracy and content of the information uploaded from the channel Manager and posted on the Mambara site that corresponds to the ID specified by the placement Tool (according to the PP., including the description and cost of rooms (services), location of the accommodation facility and other information. IF the current terms and conditions limit the display Of the content of the placement Tool, then the number limit is made by selecting data from the downloaded information stream strictly in the order of their loading.
5.1.7 the User agrees To grant the company the rights to use the Content (in whole or in part) to third parties (sublicense) to the extent determined by the Company, both for a fee and free of charge.
5.1.8 the Company has the right to place advertising materials, videos, banners and ads, including those of third parties, on the pages of the Site containing the Author's Materials, as well as to reproduce them through mambara together with the Content, modify and process the Materials, and also use the Materials for other commercial purposes without compensating the User for the cost of their use and material benefits.
5.1.9 the Company has the right, but is not obliged to provide the User with any reports and / or information about the use of Materials posted (uploaded) by the User.
5.1.10 the user guarantees that he / She has all the necessary rights to use the provided content, including permission to use It in accordance with the terms of this Agreement, and is fully responsible for its placement and use. The author guarantees that the placement mambara of Content and its further use does not violate the personal or property rights of others, including but not limited to, copyrights, patent rights, right to privacy, to protection of honor, dignity and good name, the right to the image of the citizen, etc.
5.1.11 IN the event of situations in which the Company has any doubts that the user is the owner of the rights to any of their posted Content, or reason to believe, that this Content violates any rights or legitimate interests of third parties, or if the content of the Content contradicts the requirements of this Agreement and/or current legislation, the Administration has the right to remove the relevant Content from mambara at its discretion . In this case, the Company is not obliged to notify the User of the reasons for such refusal or removal of Content. This clause of the Agreement does not mean and cannot be interpreted as imposing on the Company the obligation to regularly moderate (control over the content) the Content posted in mambara.
5.1.12 If the Company becomes aware of a possible violation of the terms of this Agreement, the Company reserves the right to decide on the extent and nature of such violation, as well as to remove the Content or impose age and other restrictions on Users ' access to this Content. In case of violation of the terms of the Agreement or legislation, the Administration may, at its option and in its sole discretion to limit the access of such User to the services (capabilities) mambara without any notice.
5.1.13 responsibility for unauthorized copying and use of the Content is borne by persons who have used the Content placed (uploaded) in mambara illegally.
5.1.14 when posting Content, the Company specifies the user's alias (nickname/name) specified by the User during registration. The user's nickname must not contain profanity and expressions that can be considered offensive, as well as language and words that violate the rights and legitimate interests of third parties.

5.2 Terms of placement and display of Content. The Content posted in mambara must meet the following conditions:
5.2.1 the Content and actions of the User must not violate existing legal acts, offend the morality, honor and dignity, rights and legally protected interests of third parties, violate copyright and related rights, propagate hatred and / or discrimination of people on racial, ethnic, sexual or social grounds, or contribute to inciting religious, racial or ethnic hatred, contain scenes of violence or cruelty to animals, etc.;
5.2.2 the Content and User actions must not violate or infringe upon the rights of minors;
5.2.3 Prohibited from posting any Content which the User has no right to make available under any law or under any contractual relationships;
5.2.4 Prohibited Content, illegal affecting any patent, trademark, trade secret or copyright and related rights of a third party without authority available for this;
5.2.5 the User shall not to upload, post or otherwise distribute Intrusive and unsolicited advertising and correspondence, spam, "letters of happiness", invitations to participate in financial pyramids;
5.2.6 it is Prohibited to post Content containing computer codes designed to disrupt, destroy or limit the functionality of any computer or telecommunications equipment or programs, for unauthorized access, as well as serial numbers to commercial software products, logins, passwords and other means for obtaining unauthorized access to any resources on the Internet;
5.2.7 the Content and actions of the User must not intentionally or accidentally violate any applicable legal acts;
5.2.8 the Content must not contain the promotion of narcotic drugs;
5.2.9 the User has no right to post Content that can cause harm, contain threats, rude and offensive expressions and offers that contradict generally recognized standards of morality, unlawfully use third-party information (including, but not limited to, mention of any names and names, addresses and phone numbers or any other contact information without the owner's consent);
5.2.10 it is Prohibited to post pornographic Content.
5.2.11 the user guarantees that any Content posted by Them is up-to-date and reliable, is not fictitious, is not intended to mislead and can be documented.
5.2.12 IF the content of the Content does not match the theme of the Site, The company has the right to remove these materials from the Site without notice.
5.2.13 the User has no right to collect and store personal data of other Users. The user agrees not to use mambara to collect information for commercial purposes, and not to interview other Users in any way for commercial purposes.
5.2.14 the User does not have the right to impersonate another person or representative of an organization and/or community without sufficient rights, including, but not limited to, the Company's staff, as well as to spread false information about their involvement in the Company and any other individuals and legal entities.
5.2.15 the Company has the right to independently, at its own discretion and without any notification to Users, install any informational messages (text or in the form of appropriate images) that notify Users of age or other restrictions in relation to any Content, as well as directly restrict access to any Content for Users on any grounds (for example: based on the User's age, whether the User has an account on the Site, on the Territory of the user's location, etc.). The company also has the right to replace or delete words and expressions that may be considered offensive or violate the rights of third parties, as well as make other changes or additions to the Content solely for the purpose of bringing them into compliance with current legislation.
5.2.16 the User undertakes not to copy, reproduce, distribute, transmit, broadcast, display, sell, license or otherwise use any Content posted on mambara by third parties, including other Users and the Company, except for the opportunities provided for in this Agreement.
5.2.17 Accepting the terms of this Agreement, the user confirms the consent to processing of personal data provided during registration and posted by the User voluntarily on his personal page.

5.3 Responsibility of mambara.
5.3.1.The company is not responsible for the content of the Content and for its compliance with the requirements of current legal acts, for copyright infringement, unauthorized use of trademarks, commercial designations, etc., as well as for possible violations of the rights of third parties in connection with the placement and use of Content in mambara and/or their use in accordance with the terms of this Agreement. In the event of claims from third parties related to the placement of Content in mambara and/or their use, the user will settle these claims independently and at Their own expense. The company also assumes no responsibility for any harm caused to the User by third parties, including through mambara or the Site and/or using the features of mabara or the Site. The company does not bear any responsibility for any use by the User of the information received in mambara, the User at its own discretion assesses all risks of using the mambara information and is solely responsible for the consequences associated with the use of the mambara information. The user has the right to refuse to use the mambara Content.
5.3.2 the Company tries to ensure the smooth operation mambara, however, is not responsible for loss or partial loss of Content uploaded/posted by the User, and for insufficient quality or speed of service for accommodation, playback and share Content.
5.3.3 the Company does not verify the authenticity of the user's posted Content. mambara provides the User with a mechanism for displaying content or part of It in mambara if this content or part of It matches the search criteria performed by other mambara Users. The user is solely responsible for all consequences related to the display of information that he posted in mambara. The user who uses the Content of other users in mambara is responsible for using this Content and making decisions and actions related to the received Content.
5.3.4 if the User Violates any of the terms of this agreement, the Company has the right to suspend the display of the User's content without compensation or refund of the funds paid for the display of the Content. If the reason for suspending the display of User Content is eliminated, the Company must resume displaying the content no later than 7 business days after receiving a written notification. The user is obliged to independently monitor the suspension of the company's display of Content, if the suspension is detected, contact the Company and find out the reason for the suspension, eliminate the reason or provide supporting documents that guarantee the absence of violations.
5.3.5 under No circumstances of using mambara can The company be held liable to the User.

6. The cost of hosting, displaying, and using Content.

6.1 for Unregistered users, there is no charge for posting, displaying, or using mambara Content (including Content from other Users).
6.2 for Registered users of the "Guest" category, there is no charge for hosting, displaying, or using mambara Content (including Content from other Users).
6.3 for Registered users of the category " accommodation Facility (hotel)":
- for using mambara Content, including Content from other Users, there is no fee;
- the fee for placing and displaying User Content in the "placement Tool" category is set according to the rates specified in Appendix 1 to the Agreement).- the actual recipient of payments may be the Company and its authorized agents and representatives, which are specified in Appendix 1 to this Agreement.- the User's Content is displayed only during the period of time that the User actually paid for. If during the paid period, for technical reasons, the User's Content was not displayed for a certain number of days, then the period of the paid period is increased by this number of days;- the Company blocks the display of the User's Content during the paid period for reasons of violation of the Agreement by the User, without increasing the paid period by the number of days when the display of Content was blocked.
IF the User places several placement Tools, the service agreement between the User and mambara is concluded separately for each placement Tool, Each placement tool is published on mambara according to an individual tariff plan, payment is made by the User separately for each accommodation Facility;
All documents for each accommodation Facility, including contracts and accounting documents are available to the User in the personal account of each accommodation facility separately;

7. Third-party sites and Content

7.1. The site may contain links/buttons that allow the User to go to other Internet sites and/or audio/video / text materials posted on them (hereinafter referred to as"third party Content"). Such links/buttons and third-party Content are not checked by us for compliance with the User's requirements, current legislation and this Agreement, and the Company is not responsible for any Content and its use posted on third-party websites that the User accesses during the use of mambara, including any opinions or statements expressed on third-party websites, advertising, etc., as well as for the availability (level of services) of such Internet sites or third-party Content and the consequences for the User from using them and going to such Internet sites.
7.2. The user may post and / or use links or information about third-party Content on the Site using special mambara services (for example, social media apps) at their own discretion and only under their own responsibility.
7.3. In order to improve the quality of the service, mambara may cache (temporarily store on mambara) information about third-party Content. mambara tries to reduce the time for caching such information, but it is acceptable to cache it for up to 7 days.
7.4. In order to improve the quality of services and inform Registered users about new services and features of mambara, we have the right to send information messages to the User's email address specified during registration on the Site. These reports will not contain advertisements of third parties. Service message associated with User actions on the Website or posted Materials/Information, as well as the Company's response to requests made by the User, and informational messages about events that affect the User profile does not refer to the messages listed above.

8. Additional features of the mambara site are PROMOTIONS, GIFTS, and DISCOUNTS.

8.1. On the mambara website, the owner or an authorized person of the owner of the premises, post information about the promotions, bonuses and discounts provided for all users (guests) who will make a direct booking of the premises.
8.2. To participate in the promotion, receive a bonus or discount, the user (guest) must register on the site, book a room and receive a special code (coupon). Only one code (coupon) can be used for one booking.
8.3. Codes (coupons) do not have the effect of cash, they do not compensate for expenses and they are not subject to exchange for cash or their equivalent. One-time codes (coupons) are fully used only at the time of the actual stay of the guest in the reserved room of the accommodation Facility.

9. Relationship and dispute resolution

9.1 the Agreement is a legally binding agreement between the User and the Company and regulates the terms and conditions of use of mambara, including the provision of Content for placement on mambara and their further use.
9.2 a Person who believes that their rights and interests are violated due to the actions of the Company or third parties in connection with the placement of any Materials and/or Information on mambara, must notify the Company of this.
9.3 the Current version of the Agreement can be found at the link from the "Personal account" section on the Website and at the following address https://mambara.com/EN/info/user-loan/text/show.html. the User agrees that this Agreement may be unilaterally amended by the Company without any special notice by publishing the Agreement in a new version on the Site. Any changes to the Agreement will take effect from the moment the new version of the Agreement is published on the Site. Continued use of mambara after the new version of the Agreement is published on the Site will mean that the User agrees to the changes in the Agreement. If you do not agree with the changes to the Agreement that have entered into force, the User must stop using mambara on their own.

10. Governing law and jurisdiction

10.1 the Applicable law under this Agreement is the law of the Russian Federation.
10.2 This Agreement, the rights and obligations of the Parties under this Agreement in the event of any judicial or administrative action or legal proceedings arising directly or indirectly in connection with this Agreement or in connection with transactions provided for in this Agreement shall be governed by, shall be interpreted and applied in all respects in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation and shall be conducted at the place of dispute resolution determined by the Company at its sole discretion.
10.3 the Company reserves the right to bring cases against Users in the competent courts of the users ' jurisdiction or to apply to any other competent authorities.
10.4 the User agrees and waives any objections to the right to challenge jurisdiction, and further waives any right to transfer or change jurisdiction or any other similar actions or legal actions. The user agrees to the jurisdiction of any relevant court for any actions or legal proceedings arising directly or indirectly from this Agreement initiated by the User or the Company.
10.5 Any legal actions, claims, or issues arising in connection with this Agreement or this website shall be performed within one (1) year from the date of filing the claim or the basis for filing the claim.
10.6 If one of the legal terms of this Agreement is canceled, declared null and void or invalid, this does not affect the validity of other legal terms of the Agreement.
10.7 the Use of this website is prohibited in any jurisdiction that does not allow the implementation of these terms and conditions of this Agreement, including, but not limited to, this paragraph.

Appendix 1 Is an integral part of this Agreement.

1. Rates and Cost of publishing User Content (for accommodation Facilities, owners of premises)
1.1 Current rates are indicated on the page
https://www.mambara.com/EN/info/tarifs-rf/text/show.html. the tariff is valid for 1 year. The cost of services provided under the tariff does not change during the validity period of the tariff. If the cost of services changes during the period of validity of the tariff, the new cost is applied only when connecting to the tariff for the next period.
1.2 FROM the moment of account registration, the first 14 days of content placement are provided free of charge without restrictions. At the end of the first 14 days, the accommodation Facility must either continue to operate according to the current rates, or refuse the mambara service for accommodation Facilities, owners of premises.
1.3 Free content placement.
1.3.1 the Tariff is Limited. There is no subscription fee. There is no booking fee. At the end of the Trial period (p. 1. 2), the Limited tariff is automatically activated if the placement Tool has completed the initial filling of the personal account and has not chosen to switch to another tariff. The list of restrictions and services provided under the Limited tariff is indicated on the Tariffs page (p. 1. 1).
1.3.2 Partner Rate. Publishing extended information. There is no subscription fee. There is no booking fee. It can be applied at any time during the Trial period or the Limited tariff. To activate the tariff, you must place the rating button Mambara on the main page of the website of the placement Tool. If there is no mambara rating button on the site, the rate is transferred to the Limited rate. The list of restrictions and services provided under the Partner tariff is listed on the Tariffs page (p. 1. 1).
1.4 paid content placement. The cost of content placement is:
1.4.1 "Basic +"tariff. Subscription fee:
- for non-residents of Russia: 7 CHF (Swiss franc) per month for one account;
- for residents of Russia in the Russian-language interface: 480 RUB (Russian ruble) per month for one account;
- There is no booking fee.
1.4.2 FROM the moment the payment is credited, the cost is fixed for the entire paid period and cannot be recalculated.
1.4.3 the Cost of posting content may be changed unilaterally by mambara without notice with mandatory publication on this page. However, the new cost is only applied to future payments.
1.4.4 The list of restrictions and services provided under the Partner tariff is listed on the Tariffs page (p. 1. 1).

2. Payment
2.1 Payment under this Agreement can only be made in advance for a full year.
2.2 Payment is made in Swiss francs.
2.3 in some countries, payment can only be made in the local currency.
2.4 Payment in Swiss francs is made via PayPal (http://www.paypal.com). credit card payments are Possible. Currency conversion is performed at the rate of the payment system PayPal.
Payment in Russian rubles is made by wire transfer without conversion.
2.5 Display located by Means of posting content automatically starts with receipt of PayPal notification of funds. The period of receipt of the notification is from 1 minute to 24 hours and after 72 hours from the moment of crediting Russian rubles.
2.6 the Amount of payments received and the payment period is displayed in the "Personal account" section of the User.
2.7 in order to prevent the display of content from stopping, the User undertakes to independently monitor the end date of the paid period and replenish the balance in advance.
2.8 the Paid period starts from the moment of receipt of the notification of the received payment in case the previous paid period is missing or completed. In case of prepayment, when the previous paid period has not yet been completed, the next paid period will start automatically from the moment of the end of the previous paid period without interruption.
2.9 in case of early termination of use of the site at the initiative of The user of the "Hotel" category, the amount of money for the unused time, reduced by 70% of the annual payment amount and the amount of costs for transferring funds to the User's account, is subject to refund.
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