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Mambara.com: information for Travelers

Mambara.com: information for Travelers

information for Travelers

What is direct booking? How it works:

* Compare hotel prices on the website Mambara.com

• Choose the right hotel for the price, description and reviews

• Go to the website of the desired hotel and book there
• Send a booking request directly to the hotel from the site Mambara.com

* we Receive confirmation from the hotel, pay to the hotel, come, relax!

* Save on intermediary services

If you are planning your trip, but if you have doubts about the reliability of sites with online booking services, then Mambara.com created just for You!

Mambara.com - reliable website for direct booking without intermediaries and always at the best price!

Mambara.com -an independent search engine that contains information about the price level and availability of hotels, apartments, hostels and apartments around the world.

Users (tourists, travelers) easily and quickly, free of charge and without registration can find the desired places to stay and relax. Reservation of accommodation is made without intermediaries directly in hotels, hotels, apartments, hostels, apartments and other real estate objects (common name-Hotels).

Trust, reliability and always the best price are the main advantages of booking rooms directly without intermediaries.

Mambara.com - it is not a booking system - it is a search engine and all the information in it is presented by the Hotels themselves. This system does not charge Agency and Commission fees from Hotels and this allows Hotels to offer their future Guests the lowest prices.

reservations are Made directly on the Hotel's website or using a request that is sent by email directly to the Hotel. All further relations between the Hotel and the Guest take place directly without intermediaries. Therefore, most travelers are looking for information about available rooms on Mambara.com.

Using the search engine Mambara.com as well as User reviews decide which Hotel is most suitable for You and book it directly without intermediaries!

No intermediaries - no overpayment!

All detailed information about mambara.com specified in User agreement.

Welcome to mambara.com!

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