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Mambara.com: Direct booking. Booking a hotel yourself is easy

Mambara.com: Direct booking. Booking a hotel yourself is easy

Privacy policy

Maintaining the confidentiality of information is our top priority. In this section, you can find information that the site receives from visitors www.mambara.com (hereinafter referred to as the site). Make sure that all personal data is securely protected from third parties, so it is quite safe to use it on the site.

all data is Transmitted to the Site using the secure HTTPS Protocol, which is confirmed by a valid SSL certificate.

Identification of Site visitors

the Site offers voluntary registration for its visitors (users). To do this, you must specify an email address and an alias. Sometimes additional contact information may be required.

a Visitor may not register, but then they will not be able to use a number of site features.


the email address Specified during registration (or when writing a comment in an article) is only available to the Site Administration. Other users can't see it. The Site can also save emails that are necessary for the support service to work in the database. E-mail is also used for newsletters, as well as answers to questions asked in the comments. You can unsubscribe from them at any time in Your personal account settings.

Availability Of your personal data

the personal data you Provide is available to the Site Administration and to the site User (representative of the accommodation facility) for whom you are making a booking request.


When you visit a Site, Your browser automatically transmits certain information that is stored on the server. This data includes the user's IP address, the name of the requested web page, language settings, browser type, cookies, and the exact time of the request. In some cases, other information may also be transmitted. The Site uses both regular links and those that help collect statistics on page views. This is necessary to improve the site's advertising policy.


Each time you visit the site, the user's browser sends a certain number of cookies. They contain information necessary for identifying the browser and displaying the information normally. When registering, the Site also sends cookies to your local computer. This means that you do not need to enter your username and password again during subsequent visits to the Site. If desired, these cookies can be deleted after the session ends. It is recommended that you delete them if you use a public computer (in a club, library, University, or at work). After clearing the browser cache, other people will not be able to access the site using your username and password. Cookies allow you to track user actions, collect statistics, and use them to improve the quality of services provided. In most cases, browsers accept cookies by default. You can disable this feature completely or configure it so that a request appears on the screen before each transmission. Please note that not all Site functions work correctly when cookies are disabled.

Changes to the privacy policy

site privacy Policy www.mambara.com from time to time, it is subject to changes aimed at improving the operation of the site. You can get acquainted with all the changes at the following address https://www.mambara.com/EN/info/Privacy-Policy.htm.
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